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Eco Drive

Our eco drive suite of reporting gives you graphical analysis of your drivers behaviour from idling, speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. We can also collate this for you into a drivers league table so at a snapshot you and your drivers know who is performing best. 

Reporting Suite

Our Reporting suite is comprehensive, from full fleet management reporting, journey, timesheet, time on site, idling, late start, event detail and journey playback to our suite of eco drive reporting for specific drive behaviour we offer a truly full featured vehicle tracking platform. 


Geo Zones

We also monitor all speding events specific to the speed of the road your drivers are travelling on. We can then collate this into a simple report giving you the number of offences in each zone and the highest speed achieved in each of these zones. We can even schedule to send this report to you on a daily or weekly basis. 

Our geo zones enable you to drop a pin on our google maps and you can then select the radius for the area. We can then send you email reports every time the selected vehicle enters or exits that area, its great if you need to know when your driver reaches their destination. 

Plug and Play, no install

Our plug and play self install units are just that, you connect them to the OBD port (on board diagnostics) which is usually located underneath the dashboard. As soon as it's plugged in it will register with our portal and you'll be tracking instantaneously. this option is great for short term hire vehicle rentals or where you need the flexibilty of being able to move quickly and easily without the need to call one of our engineers. 

Fixed Units 

Our fixed units require one of our nationwide installation engineers to visit your premises to install the unit. This can take up to one hour per vehicle. 

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